« Just start. I see you coming with your « it’s easy to say blablabla » the actual key is really to start. Stop listening to the little voice in your head who tells you that « you are not capable of something, or that you cannot do it, that it is too hard, or it needs too much time… » don’t pay attention to it.
Just act like those kids who put their hands on their ears in order not to listen to the adult person in from of them. Do not think and do it. It will maybe take some time but start little by little, you did not learn how to walk in one day right?
You will see, you are capable of many things! You can do it! You will eventually figure out that sometimes, it does not take as much time as you thought. Those negatives thoughts stop you from making the most of yourself. But guess what, you control them. So stop thinking and act. Just do it! And no obviously it is not a Nike ad, it is just you dealing with procrastination which is easiest than you thought! »

– Beny

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