How could you expect people to give you opportunities, or trust you enough to get the job,  help you in your researches…etc if you are not clear enough with yourself first?
What do you want? How do you see yourself in 5, 10 years?
What stimulates you? Where do you find pleasure in you daily life?
What are your daily habits? What did you do within a given timeframe? Are you happy with that?
You have to know yourself or at least you have to question yourself about what you like, who you want to become etc… so you can know your path and reach your goals.
God, the Universe or what you believe in can’t help you if your path is not clear enough in the first place.
So do not complain if you do not get the opportunities you wanted. Maybe it is because you are not clear enough with yourself to deserve them, maybe you are not ready yet, maybe the timing is not perfect or maybe it is just not for you after all. Do not lie to yourself, you are your best partner. Understand it, live with it, cherish it.
– Beny

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