Why we decided to host ?

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I know that letting your place to strangers can be difficult. I feel you, my husband and I were there. Thinking of all the bad things that can happened to our stuff. But in our heart we still had this hope of doing it, because first-able why not, and specially because when we are travelling, hosts are so friendly and the places we stay so cozy that we wanted to see the other side. So when Airbnb ask us to give it a try, we took it as a challenge. 

I want to tell you everything about it, from why we did it, to how we prep, what we did with the money to what’s real or wrong about the experience. 

First-able, why we decided to host.

Relationships and human connections, are to me, the most important things in life. I am always seeking for contacts, feelings, emotions. Sharing thoughts about anything with someone even a stranger is what makes you grow. That simple exchange can make you happy. It can bring something into your life or into the life of someone else. Hosting is the most unselfish and natural act an human can do. So what is the best way to create connection than hosting, especially with Airbnb. There is something with Airbnb that you can’t find anywhere else. A real community of travelers and open minded souls who get the same love for new experiences and people. When my husband and I first thought about it, it was not an easy decision to make. Because it isn’t just our home, it is the place where we are feeling ourselves and feeling each other, where we are sharing, where we are slowing from our usual gear, eventually where we sometimes face ups and downs. It’s the space where we grow. Our objects are witnesses of our evolution. 

It’s not just opening our house, it’s opening our heart and giving you a map to see our real self. It is mostly about letting you entering our universe. Every item, every room reveal how we think, how we live, what we like and most of all, who we are. The walls are full of energy and vibes, which are part of our history in this specific space. But today we would like to open this space for a new beginning. To create a new story and bringing new vibes. It is not about the size of your house, it is about what you bring to the table, it is about love, caring and sharing. It is all about intentions. 

In the end, the decision to open our house was not that hard but I guess you have to be ready. Ready to meet new people, to show your real self, to trust strangers and to think about someone else’s well-being. You have to be ready to get your heart fulfilled with a new experience and new energy. You have to be ready to understand that the materials that surrounds you are nothing compared to the human connection. And today we’re ready. Ready to open our heart, our house.

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