I did a juice cleanse

3-Days of Clarity cleanse with Jus Jus

Jus jus is a raw cold-pressed juice which also provides healthy snacks, based in Antwerpen.

I received the delivery at home, it was really fast and the package was of good quality. Good news if you are in town because you can also pick what you want directly from the store. I am sure their friendly team will welcome you warmly. I have been a fan since I discovered the brand back in 2015. I love the fact that they always seek new compositions for their juices and milks but also develop healthy snacks and quality food.
They play a lot with ingredients and colors as for the reset, or citron noir. For the pleasure of our belly and eyes. The names are always smart and fun. There are way more than 13 reasons why I love this brand and I choose them to start a cleanse. I have to say that I have tried a lot of juice brands but Jus jus still got my heart. They definitely are my favorite so far.

So I did a 3 days cleanse called Clarity which is for « more experienced cleansers who like to take good care of themselves. Perfect for those who would like a deep cleanse but are not quite ready for a detox as intense as Level 3. »

It is composed of 6 juices that you have to drink during the day. 3 green juices, 2 fruit juices and an almond milk.

It was my second cleanse, when I first did it in 2015, it was really hard for me because I was working from home and my mind could not stop thinking about my fridge. The most difficult part was not to be able to chew. This time, when I told that to Diana, the co-founder of the brand, she suggested me to chew the juice. What a strange idea would you think, but it really did the job and it allowed me to get all the nutriments. So I drunk the juice at time intervals 8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00pm, 02:00pm, 04:00pm, 06:00pm or 07:00pm. There is a right juice for a right moment, each one was designed to give your body exactly what it needs. I really felt that the juices provide the right energy and nutriments my body needed. Nothing less, nothing more.

I love the fact that you can actually feel every ingredient in Jus Jus juices, the harmony is really well made and the balance is perfect. It is really exciting on the first day because it is brand new and you don’t know the tastes yet. Let’s see bellow how it went.

11h45 : 1st – Greenday
It’s light, agreeable and nice you can feel this lemon taste at the end which makes it pleasant. I really smelt the green vegetables, I can’t define all the vegetables because it really is that creates a new taste. The harmony of the flavors is really well managed and I really appreciated it even if it’s a green juice. I have tried to chew but it’s not an easy thing to do with a light juice. Not only had I drank half of the bottle that I already wanted to pee. I am sure it’s gonna be a thing that will happen too many times in these 3 days. I was late to drink the first one, so I will have to drink another one pretty soon.
I start being  a little dizzy.

12h30 : 2nd – Walking on sunshine
I just realized I stopped coughing and my throat is less painful. T
his one is more acid, but as I happen to love acidity, I really am happy. It smells pineapple witch is great. I feel like that one is will bring me power. It’s a little tough for my stomach to get that acid power but I am sure it’s gonna be OK. I keep trying to chew, still not easy. It is so refreshing, that I just want to drink it in a sip. I force myself to take my time. The yellow color of the liquid brings so many good vibes, it’s really like it brings sun in everywhere. The name is really well found. 

I started to deflate also. After  coughing, some of the mucus gets out which is not sexy but which is awesome news for my body. Now I am cold.

I13h30 : 3rdThe Hulk 
When my alarm rings I could not believe it was time already. Just before that, I had a light headache which went really quickly. This one is difficult to drink. I still like the final acid touch and sweet taste at the same time. Chewing really helps me to not think about food because my brain thinks I am eating. It also allows me to feel every flavor. It’s definitely not my fav. But it’s OK to drink it, it’s not that bad. 
I had to cook for my husband I thought it would be hard but it’s not eventually. I really think that when we do a cleanse, we have to prepare ourself mentally to do it. Just tell yourself « no you can’t ». You can’t have chocolate or snacks, you can’t eat the food properly, you are just allowed to taste your recipe. And when you do that it goes pretty well after all. It’s not that hard. If you can’t discipline yourself, you’re going to think about food every single minute and this is out of the  question.
15h38 : 4th juiceSkinny G   
I cant’ believe how fast time goes. I want to eat a banana, well no! The thought has just passed I saw it and let it go and now I am drinking my juice. That one is bitter. Hello grapefruit, I know it’s because of you. I love the soft pale orange it really looks pretty. 
I neither smell the mint nor the apple, I can only feel the grapefruit OK, maybe a little bit. I have never been that much to the toilets guys, for real. My pee start to be so clean and seethrough like water. I guess it’s a good sign. Also I feel really productive and not tired. Al hamdullilah.
I have made a banana bread it’s going to be a little hard to resist but I will.
I do a cleanse but my husband can still eat great desserts, and he deserves it in so many ways.
17h30: 5th juice Oh my Greens!
I drunk that one in front of movies.
It was really refreshing maybe a little to much. I started to be cold. The green juice could be the tough one because you literally drink vegetables, even if I like veggies, 
I am not crazy about every green juice. But what I love about Jus Jus is that every juice is tasteful, really. I appreciate every single sip. 
Every take, becomes a happy moment. I am not feeling tired as I can usually be. In fact, I am totally awake and it feels really good. 
I am full of energy. I can’t wait to drink the last one, which is my favorite.
Started 19:30 (finished 21h) 

Last juice of the day – Almond Joy
This is what I love about movies sometimes it allows you to kill time easily. I did not realize it was already time to drink, in fact I thought it was too early. But I will definitely not pass this Almond Joy. I was waiting for you baby.
Every single name really speaks to me. That one is a pure joy: it 
really lives up to its name!  After a day of cleanse, it really is delightful to end the day with it. It’s the consolation which allows you not to be frustrated and to end your day in a perfect way. I was not even hungry when I took it, so I did not finished it in a sip. I really took time to savor it. Dear Almond joy, I love you!

The second day, I started to really see the benefits. I realized that my brain was asking for food when I was not in need. I noticed how many times in our day we are tempted by food and its advertisings. I was really aware and surprised to feel, that I did not need it, surprised also to understand that I have to discipline my brain. I had never thought about this before, at least not that way.

The third day, was a little tough. I already knew all the juices and started to want to eat real food, to have a real feeling of chew something. But I knew it was the last day and I wanted to be fully committed. Knowing why to doing it at first is really important, because it helps you to keep going when you start to feel weak. It motivates you again.

At the end of the day after the last take – after the almond juice – I really started feeling hunger, I started thinking about all the food in my kitchen and I was obsessed with peanut butter. I felt like this because I wasn’t feeling full. I decided then to have one more glass of almond milk. After that, I felt pretty good and any envy just went away, my obsession for peanut butter included.

Do I recommend to cleanse?
It is one of the best experience I had to do for both my body and mind to get to know them better, get to know how it really works, and how I feel. It’s not an easy experience but I think if you know why you do it, with motivation and envy, anyone can accomplish it. I highly recommend it because it really allows you to listen to your body. To understand when and why you are hungry, why you are feeling how you feel and when you are just tempted by the devil food. During and after the cleanse you can listen and know when you really need food and when it’s simply a greed. Throughout the cleanse you get a certain peace coming in and making as if nothing really mattered. You are in your body. The mind, soul and body are aline. It allows you to be connected with your inner self. I felt so much energetic. Giving less food to my body makes it lighter so I was not feeling the weight I can get in a daily basis, just a certain lightness. I just felt good and present. Even my skin could show that. I was surprised in a good way about all the great things the cleanse has brought me in a little period of time. It is not just about detoxing the body, it is about making you feel good in your own body and mind. 

I did it during winter, it was perfect to detox my body but a little bit hard because I was really cold all the time. So I recommend to do it during spring or summer if you are afraid to be cold.

Thank you so much to the Jus Jus team who always are really friendly, patient and helpful.

☛ Verschansingstraat 46 2000 Antwerp


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