Wild and the Moon

I have always loved the little corner rue Amelot and I was sad that he did not get the visibility he deserved. Now that Wild and the moon has opened its third bar there, It will no longer be lost. The space is gorgeous: they kept the stones so it preserves its life and authenticity. The big windows let inter in the sun rays so we can feel it in the best way. Mama Petula, once again, has decorated the space with plants, she put a huge umbrella plant in the middle of the restaurant to enjoy  the most of its beautiful view. We can’t wait to talk around with a fresh smoothie on the terrasse with the sun kissing our skin. Yes summer is definitely coming!

I am a huge fan of ginger shot, and I was glad to discover that Wild and the Moon has created two new shots. 

The Glowing skin, which contains Pomegranate, Aloe vera, açaï, Sumac (also spelled sumachsumaq سُمّاق‎, which is a shrub or small tree with compound leaves, reddish hairy fruits in conical clusters, and bright autumn colours), and Goji berries.

and The rehab shot, which is composed of spirulina, chlorella, moringa, cucumber, ginger, lemon and black pepper.

☛ 138 rue Amelot 75011 Paris


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