How do we get prepared?

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I know that letting your place to strangers can be difficult. I feel you, my husband and I went there. Thinking of all the bad things that can happen to our stuff. But in our heart we were still willing to do it, because first of all, why not, especially because when we are travelling, our hosts are so friendly with us and the places they let us stay in are so cozy that we wanted to see the other side. So when Airbnb asked us to give it a try, we took it as a challenge. 

I want to tell you everything about it, from why we did it, to how we prep, what we did with the money until what’s real or wrong about the experience. 

And here the second part, how to get prepared.

Cleaning from up and down                                A clean space is important for my peace of mind and even more if I stay in an unknown place. So @magiic_stick and I made sure everything was as bright as if we were our own guests.


Little corner
We have brought our plant game to the next level with this little green corner. They say plants is good for creativity, to clean the air, and to feel good so here we are. We don’t mess with them.

New look
Becoming hosts made us think about the way our place looks. We thought something was missing. It was nice but not a real representation of ourselves. Hence, we have added some decoration to make it sound more real, more us.

New bed, new life
We took this experience as an opportunity to get a brand new mattress. We don’t joke with sleep and we wanted to welcome our guests the best way possible. This started with bed and bedding sheets. Which are now, fresh new.

Treat yourself
As a guest myself when I travel, I never know if I can use the stuff put at my disposal or not. So Gaby, a previous host gave me the best pieces of advice. She told me to put stickers to let our guests know what is private and what is not. As a designer I went a little bit crazy and made an entire signage. Putting stickers litterally everywhere. But if it’s useful it doesn’t count, right?

Fresh drinks in the fridge
When we invite our family or friends over, I love cooking and preparing drinks. Especially on summer with all the cold brew, fruits water, ice tea… It was natural to let a little something in the fridge to welcome our guests. 

A little scent of somewhere

We love tea, and when we go abroad we like to bring some home. We wanted to share it with our guests. Tea or coffee time is a special moment so we wanted to highlight it.


Explore as a local

We love to explore cities as locals would. So we made sure our guests could easily find the best spots in town.

Know the neighborhood

I’m sure you already have experimented that time, when you travel, check-in the place super late and start to be starving. It’s exactly at that time that you need to know if there is something close still open, right?For us, it’s also a lot about what is open on Sundays and where the bakery or the Pharmacy are. Is there a bus station nearby? That’s why we have played old school and draw a map with all the things important near the flat. Now they know the right bakery to choose and the minimum you can pay by credit card. I told you: I don’t joke with the basics.

Who run the rules
We are friendly and all but we like to have certain rules to get everything in order and after-all we are the bosses of our own house. Haha… Just kidding. A little reminder can be useful. So we have put some basic rules and added a picture of us to make it sound a bit more friendly and applicable.

We got this board we have pined in the entry hall where we like to put little messages when one of us is abroad or when we want to congrat each other, or simply share love. Here’s where we have added the final touch with a warm welcome message.

Leave us a little note
We are fans of handwritten notes that’s why we let our guests, the possibility to leave us one.


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