Peach me !

Time : 10 min or even less 

I had some peaches left in the fridge and my friends brought me some herb cream cheese. I had seen earlier that both could be a great association on Pinterest, so I went for it and cooked the following recipe:

– 1 peach cut in quarters,
– 1 teaspoon of salted butter (regular butter also works),
– 1 big tablespoon of herb ricotta/philadelphia or any kind of cream cheese. I used herb Philadelphia for each slice of bread.
– 2 (or the number you want) of slices of bread,
– 1 pinch of Sel (salt) de Guérande,
– 1 pinch of piment de cayenne,
– 1 pinch of pepper

For the dressing:
– Parsley,
– 1 pinch of fresh or dried Rosemary, I have used Rosemary I had dried myself earlier.
You can do it, it’s easy. You just have to let it dry. haha,
– 1 pinch of mustard seeds (this is not essential if you don’t have it you can still do the recipe do not worry),
– 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Put the butter in the heat, be careful not to burn it, no one likes that.
Then put the peaches, make sure both sides cook. Let them roast. It’s going to be tastier if you let them roast under low heat. Add the salt, spices and pepper.
Meanwhile, spread the cheese on the bread slices and put some parsley leaves on top.

When the peaches are ready you can add them delicately onto your bread. Spread some rosemary, mustard seeds and a trait of olive oil if you want to.

And it’s already done guys, see: easy peasy.

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