A caress for the hair,

Since I have been using the hair products from Le Labo, not a day has passed without getting a compliment about my smell. When I tell people it’s not my perfume but actually my hair, they always look surprised. I don’t even need to wear perfume since my hair became a natural diffuser. It really is impressive how a hair product smell can bring that much well-being. I really am amazed by how my hair keeps the smell during days. I’ve got thick hair which means that every time a smell crosses my hair, you can be sure it is going to smell just like it. If I pass by someone who has just been smoking for a few seconds, it’s already too late. So I normally end with a food, smoke-mixed smell. But that was before I used Le labo hair care products. Since then, my hair smells so good, is so moisturized and healthy that it brings me extra confidence. I just bought myself the travel version since I can’t live without them now.

Le parfum Hinoki s’inspire des temples bouddhistes du mont Koya au Japon. Ces temples sont imprégnés de l’odeur mystique, profusément chaude et fascinante des arbres hinoki de la forêt environnante. 

Cette formule à base de plantes est faite avec de la noix de macadamia (effet réparateur), de feuilles de romarin (effet stimulant), d’extrait de riz (effet renforçant) et est également sans parabène, sans phtalates et sans colorant artificiel.

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