Heat Wave

Paris and even Europe have been affected by a Summer heat and I really feel like the happiest among all.

While people are complaining about it, my heart is full of joy to see sun in town.

I am a Fire sign who lives by the sun. Even if it’s high and super warm, it still feels like summer to me so I can’t complain. We’ve got such bad summers before consisting in raining cats and dogs mostly I really am grateful to get that warm tan.

It also means no make up for me or just the minimum.

Glossier got the perfect touches for that. The clouds pain match perfectly my tan skin and give it a nice and bold touch of color. I can’t even choose just one because they are all so great! I follow my moods, some days I use the « dawn » while I feel energetic, when I want a nice rosé I use the « Puff » and sometimes I just mix them.

The boy brow is my second go to, while I use it, I feel like my eyebrows and eyes are thanking me. It’s like what a frame is to a photo. If I need an extra touch of felinity I add the lash stick on my lashes and that’s it.

Nothing more, I can’t stand more with this heat and I actually don’t need more.

I just feel like it enhances my face in a very subtle way.

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