What’s up twenty eight.

I remembered, when I got 25 I was so scared. It is the age that tells you that you are an adult but I did not felt like it. I had this bad feeling, a bitter taste that I had not accomplished what I had wanted. At that time I did not understood that I had all my life to accomplish what I want.
28 sounds totally different. I don’t talk about years between because they passed so fast that it seems like I did a jump from 25 to 28.
Life is different at 27, I understood that my inner self is the most important things I had to discover.
I worked a lot on it and it seems like I finally met my real self, it was about time.
All the insecurities about being me, feels behind me. I was so scared to show myself, that I was constantly judging, controlling who I thought I was, to show my best self to others. But I was completely missing the point. My best self is who I am deep inside. If I am in a constant control I am not free, the light cannot shine.

Now I got it, it’s not about being perfect. Perfection only feeds itslef with fears and doubts. It’s more about feelings, intuitions and being real to myself. It’s about what I want to do, about patience, indulgence, and kindness.

I have learnt that energy is everything and that I am really really aware of it. It can be a place, a person, a moment or a talk, I feel it all.
I no longer let people control my mood. If they are in a shitty mood they will keep it for them, I will not care anymore, anyone right. No one can control my mood except me and I decide if I want to let them in or not.
It took me years to recover from my burn out, to finally find myself again but what a blessing after all. I am so happy that I was patient because I did not just rediscover who I was, I totally embraced who I am.
I know the road is long, I still got a lot of things to work on, but I know it’s gonna be OK.
Being finally centered with myself allows me to be sderene about the future.
I know that anything can happen and I will be able to manage it. Because my entire way of thinking has changed.
Actually, I am no more scared about the future because I am too busy enjoying the present.
I no longer want to say goodbye to my child soul and I cherish it every single day since I have come to realize that it is a blessing that allows me to see life differently.
I am really grateful for the people I left behind, the ones who are still by myself, the ones who inspire me, support me, I am simply happy to cross people’s life because they are my best teachers.
I understood that being strong can rhyme with soft on the opposite. That just a talk can change somebody’s life, that my dreams can’t be taking as a guide anymore and closed doors should not be opened again. I have realized that I was maybe afraid to die and not accomplish what I always have wanted. Since I got married, I started to pray, and be grateful, I am not scared anymore. Because I am no longer that perfectionist who wants that perfect life. I no longer want to be a boss before 30, having kids and blablabla like the society tires to convince us. I am not expecting anything from anyone anymore. I still got my parents, I have a wonderful husband and amazing friends, a roof and food (al hamdullilah) so I am just grateful for every moment and for everything that I already have. This is how I attract good things. (Al hamdullilah) I am even grateful for the times when I am sick because It always teaches me something. I understand that all the moments of life are here to teach us something about ourselves or about life. And I am always so thrilled to discover what it is. I was looking for my path while I was already on it. It‘s like looking for your shoes while you are wearing them. I am really proud of the woman I have became, it may not please everyone but I don’t care because I am true to myself and to everyone. This is all that matters right now. I know that the light will always guide me to a better place even if I had to go through the darkest places. (Inshaa Allah) 
Life is not simple every day but getting older is the best thing that can happen to us.
Today I welcome my 28 with my arms totally open, and I know it’s gonna be something because I am wild, free, grateful, patient, loved and not in control anymore. I know God’s plan gonna be so much better that mine and I let him guide me.
I don’t know what is waiting for me but I am already grateful for the life I have, to be who I am.
So grateful for my family, husband, my friends, the people who cross my road, the travels I am able to make, the lessons that I learn, the fun, the laughs but also the tears and the doubts. I am grateful for every single minute, and I promise that I will make the most of my time since I have realized that life is so much than what we think it is.

Welcome sweet twenty eight, let the best start.

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