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Theses days, I feel like we are so caught up with the envy to share to everyone, that we, ultimately, miss the moment. I have decided to ask my favorite IG ladies to help us with that. It’s gonna be a collection of Influencer tips called Ask an Influencer.

For the first posts, I invited my favorite duo from Amsterdam, Celeste (aka @Celmatique) and Lily (@hashtagbylily) to give us their best tips of how to enjoy the moment (in vacay) while they have to post on the Gram. Theses two ladies are real inspiration. They flood IG with good vibes, bunch of colors, genuine pieces of advice about women, business and life in general.

Here’s what Celeste told me…

Céleste, 26 years old, Fashion, Travel – 32,3k

How do you do to stay present, enjoy the moment and share it with followers?

First of all, I think it’s really good that you talk about this! As an online creative I’m very aware of this so very pleased to help you out girl.


So whenever I travel (also with Lily together), the most important thing is to plan. We create dedicated content and free content but not all at once. Whatever needs to be done; we usually do that in the morning. So that we can fully enjoy the rest of our day and share those genuine moments. Or when we have to capture something at an event, we make sure we have free time before or after that. In that way making content doesn’t always feel like working. I have enough spontaneous moments that are captured. You need to be selective and basically you need to fully love what you do. That also means only collaborating with brands you really love and feel a connection with. Only then you can stay true to who you are. Because our work reflects our personality. In the end it’s about the choices you make. The closer you stay to yourself, the realest it looks and feels to your followers but also you!


Don’t you sometimes, get to overwhelmed by the content you make and if, so how do you deal with it?

Just like any other job, it can get overwhelming. But that’s why planning is everything. My consultant manages my schedule, so I don’t miss out on posts. Everything that’s not in there, is free content to create for me. Either way I’m always free to use my own creativity. 


Of course I have my moments. Sometimes I’m just so done with posting myself. But that’s also why I created #bestbackdrop and the Celmatique Style Feature. Celmatique isn’t just about me anymore, it’s about everyone. It’s style in general: from fashion to interior and design. Posting a nice colorful place also is Celmatique.


What are your best 5 tips for sharing and not missing the moment?

I only have 2 actually:

  1. PLAN — Pick your moments to create dedicated content. Tell yourself to fully enjoy all the rest. You can snap a picture or video anytime, but don’t pressure yourself. In the end it doesn’t matter. Experiencing is always better than capturing! 
  2. ASSISTANCE — make sure you have someone around you that loves to take your pictures if you need to be in them. Lily and I therefore try to bring our assistant with us on trips. 


Do you get inspirations/preparations before leaving?

Yes, we def do. We always ask our assistant to create a mood board for the upcoming trip. It includes pictures of the places and moods, but also tips on food, culture, places etc. It’s easier to plan if you know all those things in advance! You can make a better schedule.


Something to add ?

Just love what you do! In that way, you’ll forever be able to enjoy the moments 🙂

Thank you Céleste, it helps a lot. 
To Stay in touch with this Gorgeous babe…

Stay tuned for Lily’s interview coming soon…

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