Matcha Marathon

Never run out of Matcha anymore in the big Apple

Remi Flower & Coffee
For a matcha or coffee experience like no where. It was probably one of the most interesting matcha I had with strawberries. And look at this beauty, we took so many photos before to try it. That’s real love.

Chacha matcha
We made this place our HQ,
every drink is so good and they are so precise when they make it
That you do not have any surprise with the taste. It is just always good.
In winter I love to take a beautiful latte with macadamia milk
before to go to two hands for a croissant or whatever. In summer,
my heart is balancing between the blue drink with a shot of matcha and the golden latte.
Lil tips, do not mix it, so it’s like you have two drinks in one.
Did I mention that everything is served with matcha ? It’s not called Chacha matcha for nothing guys.
Special mention for their clothing line and the pink Chacha short. It’s the summer uniform.

Doughtnut plant
This is my “American taste” this place belong to my heart.
It’s a ritual, I can’t go to New york and not make a stop.
I definitely love their matcha donuts !

Matcha ‘n’ More
Grab a matcha plus flavor of the day (it can be blueberries, orange, which is my fav)
and matcha. You can also add a golden sheet to the ice cream.
Do it for the photo or to be fancy if you want but do not wait any taste.
Gold smells nothing.

Matcha bar
I used to love this place when I first tried it in Williamsburg few years ago.
I had to tell that I was dissapointed the last time I tried but people who I used to drink matcha without any sparkles my love it. It’s more a place for “real matcha” taste without any American way added.

See the fish I am holding on the last photo ?
This is what you can get there.
You can of course have a matcha option, I choose the sesame option to balance all the matcha we ate that day. This place is made for big kids, you can have unicorn ice cream, add whatever you want. Choice is multiple there.
Your inner little child will be happy for sure. And your feed as well.

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