You don’t need motivation you need discipline

The issue is that you think you need to be motivated and to want to move, to train or to do things. Do you really think that athletes wants to wake up super early for a training? They just do, they don’t think about it. Why do you think Nike came out with « Just do it »? It doesn’t come from anywhere it comes from the fact that motivation and envy are nothing to do with this. Discipline does. It’s self discipline that permit them to move while their brains are telling them shit, to not move. The more they do it the less they heard the voice. They just shut the voices. And they just go in action. This is what really makes a difference. It’s not motivation or envy. They are days when you don’t want, you have zero motivation. On theses days, what push you to do it ? It’s self discipline. With that, the days where you are motivated became pure joy. I don’t say that you will not find contentment on the day you are not motivated. In theses moments you gonna even be proud of yourself for being able to do it no matter what. No matter the weather, your mental or body condition. You will feel strong. Stronger than the voices, stronger than your mind, because at the end you are not just your mind, you are not your thoughts. This quote makes all sense here. You gonna do it for yourself because even if it’s hard, you know it’s worth it. You know you need it. You know you want it. So let’s work on that self-discipline

With love and sprinkles ✨

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