Paint the eyes, paint the sky 🌈

Glossier just launched a bunch of new matte, sheer eye shadows.
There is a pale blue like a cloudy sky, a green lime, see Billie Eilish’s hair ? That one, and some Terracota/Brown or earthy nude colors that match with every skin tone that we are just crazy about.
The colors are so attractive that you don’t just want one, you want the entire palet. The only days I wish to have more eyes to try them all in once. Ok maybe not, it would be really awkward.
The more you apply on the richer the color is.
If you are into putting your make up with fingers and playing with it, this product it’s for you. If you are not confortable with putting eye shadows with your fingers, you can pass your way here.
I found it not that easy to apply but I liked playing with it. You can easily remove if you made mistake since it takes few minutes to dry. Meaning your time to correct your look.
I was surprise to see that even after a sweaty boxing workout my eyes were still on point. If you have sensitive eyes, I will advice to go slowly with this product or to hydrate you eyes on the evening because they can be a bit red after it. I could not use it daily, but I will probably play with it often since but I like the result and the colors.

If you try it let me know what you think about it. > Get yours

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