How are you gonna waste your time ?

Time is the most precious things we have and yet we are still wasting it.
We always say that we are running out of time, running after time, have a lack of time. But time him, is not good or bad. He is neutral, he is just Time. Now that we have plenty of it how are we gonna use it ? Are we gonna take the time to do everything that we always dreaming to do « if we had time » ? or are we letting ourself drowning into that illusion that time is flexible. That after-all we could do it tomorrow. 
Are we gonna stay the entire day on Netflix or Tik tok, watching a screen ? 
Are we gonna read the book we never started ?
Is time the real issue ? If we never started why will we start now ? Are we always entertaining ourself to hide the real needs of our soul ?
I kind of really appreciate this period because it make us realized what we never took the time to do. It make us realized what we still want to do. Without any certains about tomorrow, it make us be present. It make us just be, human being. At the same time I start to think about the countries I never visit. Will I do it if tomorrow everything is back to normal ? Or will I let the fear consume me. So the question is it really about time ? Do we really don’t have time or are we just finding excuses to follow our deepest needs ? 

With love and respect ✨

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