Talkin, judging, talkin

If you want to sleep all day long do it
Who I am to tell you what to do ?
Who I am to judge you ?
If you start to get a hobby for cooking so what ?
Why will I say ooh this guy/girl just find out she/he was a cooker. Yeah why not ?
Go say that to Snoop he made a Cooking book.
Damn it people did you not get it ?
Is that time not gonna be a lesson for us ?
Who are we to judge ?
Is your life’s so boring that you need to put your energy in someone else life ?
You waste you life, you waste your energy and time with this behaviour and for what ? Talking ? Talking ain’t shit. Who are we to judge the one who want to train, the one who want to learn, the one who make the best of their time. I ain’t no one, and I will not start this game.
Our life is already full of battles let’s face them, stop being distracted with your neighboors’ lives. Everyone is here for a reason, everyone as a gift. Let’s find why we are here, let’s just be ourselves. Talkin, judging, talkin, just show the part of your life where you are sad and who needs to be work on. Are you afraid that someone is becoming better than you ? I’m just saying. Life is too short, this is what I remember everyday when my head leave the pillow, and even more since I am not free to go out. Freedom is not in going outside, freedom is the soul being free. How could you make yourself be free when you can’t even hold your thoughts.
If my friend start to run like crazy, like she was preparing the JO, so what ? This has no concern with me. This is her life. Stop trying to take others freedom when all you try to do is going out of your own jail.
Stay humble, stay focus, be yourself this is how we could make this world change.
Let the slow-ers, rest. Let the hyperactive, move. Let the creatives, create. Let the emotionals, express. Let’s be tolerants because at the end of the day we’re all humans and we are all from the same mother earth.
No one asked your opinion so take a nap.

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