Got things to do that you keep on hold ?I’ve got your back

Let's go deeper, than saying I'm Lazy !

Direction artistique et photos : Manssour Said
Models : Sonia et Sarah

Stylisme : Marwa Asserraji

When you get a hard time to make things done it’s basically never really because you are lazy. There is always a reason to procrastination.
It can be due to fear, lake of motivation, lake of knowledge or tools…

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to go deeper and check with yourself what’s up according to the project you put on hold.

So take a pen write the name of the project, the date, make yourself a tea or warm drink, some music if need it and let’s go. Let’s check.

Respond to every questions as if someone was asking you. If you do it sincerely, At the end you will know exactly why you procrastinate and how you can make your next move to finally get things done. You will know if you are holding something that you don’t even want or need anymore just by pride or if it’s really important and you need to prioritize it.

Hope it will help you, and remember no one is born lazy, lazy is not an adjectif that qualify us it’s a state in which we are when we try to avoid things.

You can do it !

With Love, Hope & Sparkles

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