Keep dreaming

Allow yourself to dream about the impossible in theses unique Airbnb stays

Fall is the perfect time to add a bit of fantasy and dream into our routines. It’s mostly the time when we start to light up candles, binge-watch our fav fantastic classics, let our mind float into a dark yet dreamy and full of stars sky, or being plunge in a great book with a cup of tea. We let ourselves get inspired by the impossible like we needed this pause into the year full of commitment and responsibilities (that it’s ours). This moment where we can return to be amazed as a child. Taking the role of our favorite movie or book characters. It can be plugged into a forest cabane feeling the fresh herbal air that makes our lungs finally breathe again. Hiding under a tent-like when we were a kid, under a blanket, trying to fool our parents thinking that we were sleeping. As adults, we tend to forget to play as we used to. That’s why these perfect Airbnb stays are here to please your inner child, get you to fill up with inspirations to be able to pass winter full of energy and joy. These stays are so unique you will easily be transported into another world. Isn’t it what we need now? They are here to make you believe in tomorrow, here to allows you to dream, and to dream big. You never know what can happen in this kind of stay, you may find your best idea, get your best sleep or meet again an old souvenir or warm feeling. What is certain is that you can’t turn the back on this kind of adventure, the fresh view these stays will bring to your heart and soul is priceless. I selected my favorite stays but which character you want to play is your choice. Remember that you can be whomever you want to be especially there.

Credit photo : @magiic_stick & Airbnb hosts –
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