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3 stays that I will achieve from my bucket list - Inshaa Allah ✨

Dear world, If you open soon again, I promise you, I will see my dream destination. I will not prioritize any other place before. I have been so thrilled to visit the world, thinking that I have time to see you. I am sorry I listened to my ego who was saying that theses destination was too trendy. I never imagine that one day I would be held to meet you. So I make you a promise when we will be able to travel again, I promise you to do my very best to make that dream come true. How could I put my dream on the side again? Well, if the world and especially Bali (Tulum, Joshua tree to just list a few) where a person this is what I would write to them. Like a lot of people who saw or read Eat pray love, I put Bali on my top place to go. I find time during quarantine to finally read the book. And obviously, it made me realized that I have been traveling a lot but I never decided to go to my top 1 destination. I don’t know for you, but I tend to keep it as a dessert, for the end. Like the cherry on top. We do not realize that it can be great to start with dessert. We forget that life is short. Let’s make ourselves a promise. Let’s say that when we will be able to travel again (hopefully soon) we will visit see that place, the one that you can’t put out of your head and sometimes you don’t even know why. The one that always had this special part in your heart like you already have been there. For now, let’s imagine we are already there. I added a bunch of plants in my home to get that Bali tropical atmosphere. Then, I made a list of the places that I dream to go, the one that I will regret not visiting before I die. The one that can’t get out of my mind. Believe it or not, this is half of the trip. Get inspired, take the decision, plan, and make everything possible to realize your dream. So let’s start together with the first step — Get inspired. Did I precise that I choose the best from Airbnb luxe, since it’s a dream, let’s do it big.

☛ Turn right to see the entire space, make sure to hold on to the end to be able to enter the trip ✈️


If you could get a ticket and travel the world now, where would you go ?

Credit photo 1 : @magiic_stick
The rest is from the home owners.
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