What Vinted taught me

I found myself learning way more than I expected on selling my stuff on Vinted lately.
Being able to let go of what doesn’t spark, not what I don’t want anymore, there is a huge difference here. Has been a major shift. Keeping, living with the essential create such a different life. It creates space. It create a sens of lightness. I learnt to deal, to strengthen my communication skills with strangers. How to not let my ego react to disrespectful,
unmannerly messages, (well at least this is how I perceived the thing) but instead be a perfect customer service — with detachment and no emotions involved, not taking anything personally. Because this is not my issue, not my problem, it’s nothing personal. I learnt that It’s people dealing with there own selves and just letting this translate into their messages. I learnt to read between the lines even more.
At the same time, this also taught me to be able to stand for myself when dishonest people tried to bring me down (ok it sounds intense for Vinted but well you get the point). This is one of the best training for ego. To cool it down, just be nice and provide answers because at the end I was here for that not to waste any of my energy. My eyes are on the goal which is selling I’m not here to try to correct people way of talking to me because this is not my issue and this, doesn’t define who I am. But who they are, but once again it’s not my issue.
I learnt as well how to treat complete strangers without expecting anything not even a reward a thank you or a glass of water — I was and I am expecting nothing. Which make theses act of random kindness the best thing ever. It provides me a sens of content and hapiness just because I can, I do it. I wrap, send sparks and love to any of my customers no matter what. I add colors, messages, quotes just by following my intuition and I like to think that I connect to the person energy and provide what it needs. Yes it’s extra time, but it’s nothing if I can bring a smile or a spark into someone’s life. This remind me the time when I had my brand, it remind me that this is what I loved about it. Being that person who can send randomly kindness, love and so hapiness.
What you spread you get ! 🪃 ✨

Sample from Le labo – Discovery kit. Because smells is everything !

It’s never about money, always about a vision, a purpose. Team this up with creativity and it brings abundance, money.
I want to make people feel, more than they buy.
Because what are we if we can’t feel anymore ?
So well, it can be with Vinted it can be when you talk to your baker, when you try to do things with awareness you get lessons and growth from anything.
I think that’s the beauty of life.

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