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Sabrina Benlemqawanssa, Sabribeny is a multidisciplinary artist from Paris. In 2013 she starts to explore all the possibilities of her creativity into art, graphic design, photography… She could not stop and find a passion for creative content. Today she is passionate about making videos, writing, but also about self help. She made her passion a full time job by creating inspiring content for clients like MINI, Glossier, Airbnb, Instagram…

Expressing her love for freedom and colors through her social media feed and stories, Sabrina always make her special touch and talent in what she creates. She loves tp find storytelling and visual that match the brand she works with. By exploring her creativity, she can manages now, every aspect of a project from the concept to the art direction, styling, photography and communication. She also created in 2018, a workshop combining wellness and talk. This increased her love, for connecting and meeting people in a deeper way. She is extending her love for gathering through Meditation group, book club… that she created and developing her love for self-help through creative coaching. She is also a Yogini has she completed 200hr YTT in India in 2019. Her days now are filled with travel seeking for authentic vibes, flower picking, coffee shop hunting, yoga and journaling.

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