Be strong. Be bold. Be kind. Be brave. Be in shape. Cry. Don’t cry. Wear colors. Wear black. Be healthy. Not so healthy. Go outside. Don’t seat. Seat. Damn. Everyone has something to say lately and I get it, that’s great. But aren’t you sick about all the ads, the people telling you what to do, what to like, who to love, how to behave, how to not behave?
Everyone always tells you what to do. It starts with your mom, your parents, then your family, friends, magazines, boss, Tv, coworkers, commercials, strangers and it goes on and on. Give me a rest! I am who I HAVE DECIDED TO BE AND WHO I WANT TO BE, I DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. I can be strong and vulnerable, I can be brave and still have fear, I can be nice but I can bite. As a woman I can feel the pressure around the strong women trend. It is great women have a voice, they have always had one actually, maybe not as popular as today but we have it in a certain way. But the ads around that, man, I don’t buy it. We have nothing to prove to anyone, nothing! We are mothers, sisters, wives, friends, but first of all we are women and this already matters enough. If you have something to prove, prove it to yourself.
Stop telling me that I have to be strong, I know I am, I know you are.

– Sabribeny

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