Just a moment of friendship

I always got a hard time understanding friendship. I used to dream about the group of friends that you see in Tv and that are really supportive to each other, that cherish and celebrate each other. But real life is not an episodes of Friends.
I used to be really sad to see that what I was giving in term of love was not giving back to me, at least this is what I thought. But no one love is the same, and the definition of love, of giving is different for everyone. One rapper song quote stocked in my mind during years and I could not forget about it. He said « there is no friendship, there is only friendship moments. » Growing up, I realized that his saying was actually true. You can pass from someone that you spend a crazy amont of hours with, to nothing just in a blink. It can be harsher than when you breakup with your lover. It’s a breakup but it´s like going from someone who is like your brother/ sister to someone who become a total stranger. Without any transition. It’s like you never knew the person. At this moment, all you have is your memories, until you create new one during new friendship moments. Sometimes, everything goes well, at least you think so, and the other part just take a boat and escape. Life ask you to let go. Sometimes, it’s not your battle to fight.
Maybe that’s why we say that, when we love we have to let go.
I really find friendship, tough. It’s not an easy one. It makes you nostalgic of a relationship that you idealize.
So I decided to be grateful for the moments, for the people I met. To cherish the ones that are always showing up, support and give love. To let go the one that need to go. I realized that unexpected friendship are mostly the best because
you are expecting nothing and this may be the key.

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