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I always have wanted to go outside early in the morning for a walk. The idea pops into my mind almost everyday. It’s only after a late walk with my husband that I realized that it was not only an idea but a need that I deeply had in myself. I used to do that often when I was a child. 

My grandparents used to live by a swamp. We rode bike ver often and we would also walk by during summer. I spent every summer there until the age of thirteen.

Nature is essential to us, it allows reconnection with ourselves when screens made us lost in a virtual world. It is not only good for my legs, for my body, but also for my mind and creativity.

What I did not tell you is that the day before, I spent my entire day in front of my computer, working from 6:00am to 8:00pm without taking a lunch break, or any break, if I would listen to myself I would not even stop to go to pee. It felt so bad, I was asking myself: is it the way I want to live my life? I am not talking about working. Do I really want to spend an entire day in front of a screen ruining my eyes and health? To me it feels wrong because I know this is not what I want. Some people do it and feel ok with it. But, personally, I don’t.

So after this day, I had that need to go out and refresh myself. My husband also has had a long day but he was ok to go out because he felt I needed it. I was not expecting that this little walk would bring me so much. We realized that it was the first time in 2 years and a half living in our apartment, that we did a walk by the docks maybe the second time but still not that lot. I have always known that I am this kind of person who just wants to live by a lake and eat fruits to be happy. Well, what I mean is that I don’t need a lot of material things or money, I just need simple things.

I can be so fascinated by how simple water moves or by a leaf’s color. I realized that day how nature impacts us as humans. How we feel when we are surrounded by it.

I trust scientifics when they say it stimulates some zones in our head.

We are so not aware of that and worst of all, we are not even taking care of what nature gives us day after day.

During my walk, I noticed how humans can be stupid. Throwing bottles between trees or into the water where swans, ducks or any other animals are living. It’s like putting your garbage into your neighbour’s house. I am not here to expose anyone I have just noticed it. And suddenly, an idea came to me. Why instead of just being mad couldn’t I just clean the space where I could have a walk everyday.

If having a walk every morning becomes a habit, it will become my space in a certain way. I will not own it but I will use it and especially, for free. So why shouldn’t I be taking care of it? I take care of my house and it’s not free.

So I have decided to challenge myself and my husband during a week and make the first « Clean my space » challenge. All we needed was two pairs of gloves, comfortable shoes and garbage bags. I wanted to see and show how only two people can actually make a change and inspire others to be at least conscious. It doesn’t take lots of efforts. Sometimes it’s just about picking up a bottle someone just threw on the street and put it into the garbage. No one will grade you for that, or even notice you doing it. You will be the only one to know that and trust me it’s better than all the comments you could get. Because you are going to be proud, proud of yourself doing something just because it’s good to do it.

So let’s start the challenge guys, I will not ask you to share it to show us you did it. I will just ask you to start to notice. Notice how you behave and how you feel when you pass by something on the floor while walking on the street. Would you already have picked it up? Would you even notice it? Do you blame someone else?

Just notice and if you already want to make a change, feel free to start whenever you are ready.


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