I am asking you the question what is the point?
First of all, nobody is perfect you know that right, I know that, everybody knows that.
So why are we trying to be perfect if it’s a non achievable quest in the end?
I have spent my whole life trying to act perfectly, I even tried to control my familly and my husband to be part of this insane behaviour. I was paying attention to every single word I said, I was being more than aware and afraid of every mistake I was about to make, I was trying to get my outfit « on point » every morning, wasting time to find the perfect combo. And for what? This behavior can ruin relationships, it can start arguments, but most of all, close your heart. Your heart, and your soul need free time without the need to control in order to express themselves. This is how you show your personality, your singularity. This is what makes you human. Trying to be perfect prevents you from doing things. If I tried to be perfect right now, I would not be here writing those words because I know I am still making a lot of language mistakes. But my goal here is not to become an English teacher, it’s just to share a thought, so screw you Perfection! I do my thing and you know what by doing it I will improve it everyday. Stop this infernal circle because it feeds your fear of failure. Just stop, you can’t control everything so like Larry Eisenberg said  » For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the Universe. » Trust me it is worth for the sake of everyone, you included!
– Beny

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