My husband and I see ourselves and try to live as minimalists. But I felt like I was too attached to our place. We have waited so long to get it that I may have created a fear to leave it. We have this idea to leave Paris one day but when we think about it, our place is always stopping us. This hosting experience, made us realize that it was just a place after all, nothing more. A space that we turned into our home but we can actually do that anywhere. Thanks to this experience we detached ourselves from that. We are finally conscious that it’s not that important after all. We had to bring some of our stuff at our parents’ place, not that much, only our shoes. But oh God, I never thought I had that many pairs of shoes. When it’s clean on a cupboard, you can’t see how many you have until you put them in bags and you end up with 4 big bags of shoes to carry. I was really surprised and it made me think. Why do I have so many? Do I need all of them? Can you realize how many space it occupied? I would never have bet that a simple hosting experience could bring me that much, I was not expecting to learn even more about myself. I am so glad we did it and I am sure we will do it again. It allowed us to be even more open, to be detached from our space, to listen to others needs, to be generous without waiting for anything in return, to be creative, and the list could continue on ans on and on… I must admit, it was one of my best experiences because it was not for me but for people, and I had to let it go. I was not in control. The best is to experience it by yourself. Everyone learns what he needs to learn from his own experience, maybe you will find something else by hosting people, maybe you are either going to hate it or love it but at least get a try. This is what I always tell to myself. Even if you hate it there is always something to learn. 

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